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Locksmith Pros
80 Antibes Drive #1702, Toronto, ON
M2R 3N5 Canada
(416) 797-8704

Locksmith Pros employ only the most professional locksmiths in Toronto who can gain entry to your house with the minimum fuss and mess by using the latest technology and techniques. As a team of pro locksmith services in Toronto they can open the door by lock picking or drilling it, and keeping any potentially costly damage to the surfaces surrounding the door to a minimum.

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  • Reviews:
    " Guys from Locksmith Pros in Toronto were great. I got myself locked out of my place and actually didn’t even call but wrote a message to them. A manager from their locksmith services in Toronto responded right away. Not only was the price lower than all the other offers in the market but the job was done in some 15-20 minutes. "
    O. Malone